Course content:

SARGOI mission is to help people grow personally and professionally through English and international experience.

To reach SARGOI mission we invite educators and EFL teachers to join this course and discover strategies how to contribute to the quality of teaching foreign languages through SARGOI Concept Office all around Ukraine.

The trainees of the course will study in a dynamic, hard-working, trainee-centred environment which will help them experience the main techniques and strategies how to teach in a student-centred class. The course comprises around 23 academic hours of practical sessions, 5+ obligatory observation classes, 5+ assignments, 3+ hours of guided practice.

Apart from learning how to teach target language and develop four language skills, the trainees are expected to learn and practice the main principles of SARGOI high quality teaching standards including practice of dealing with assessment and classroom management, boosting learners' motivation, correcting mistakes, growing as a model teacher, and many others.